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Urbanization and City E-bikes

The density of human structures where houses, commercial building, roads, bridges and railways are present can be described as Urban area. Urban areas are developed areas with all the basic facilities available. The cost of living in these areas are high as compared to rural areas and due to urbanization most of the population lives in urban areas. Urban population are highly educated people and are migrants from rural areas, the population in these cities are densely increased and due to this density in population pollution is on rising. City E-bikes are the best solution for the problem of the increasing pollution in the urban areas as it is eco-Friendly and without smoke. These  Electric Bikes are powered by a lithium battery that can be charged and gives a good mileage for City commuters. Features of these electric bikes are numerous like low-cost, Smoke-free, Good for health due to pedalling it will improve your cardiovascular health and also boost your mental health. Any individual can ride this bike as it does not require any license. Electric bikes are best for commuters with no fare or fuelling your vehicle is required what you just need to do is to charge your electric bike and enjoy the benefits without any further cost on maintenance. Electric city bike is the best option for ideal citizens of a city.

 Panacea for traffic jams 

Traffic jams are new trending news of the city, many countries have made strict rules to lessen congestion. Traffic jam makes our lives miserable by polluting our environment. Wasted fuel during traffic jams increases Air pollution and carbon-dioxide owing to increased idling, braking and acceleration. These actions deteriorate parts of the vehicle and may need often wear and tear of the same. Governments have taken many initiatives to solve this problem like building tunnels, a coding system for vehicles, Artificial intelligence to tackle traffic jams and so on. One solution to this problem is to have your best electric city bike and avoid taking big cars along as these cars require parking facility space to adjust. These city bikes can be adjusted anywhere as per your requirement and choice. Rethink again, and notice the best option to avoid traffic jams. In Australia, many cities have long been labelled as worst traffic jam congestion with Noise and Air pollution along. Urban Population wants to come out from this problem of traffic jam and pollution. Government and Volunteers both are working through awareness camps and debates to solve this issue. The problem of traffic jams in a city can be solved by electric bikes and best city E-bike is the best option. Many self-driven vehicles are a panacea for traffic jams through artificial intelligence, robotic vehicles can be taught to drive less erratically and react faster than human motorists. Seimen’s company through Artificial intelligence has built a camera that detects vehicles and gives back data to the central control system, in this way we get information about road infrastructure, cars and drivers through our mobile phones. An electric bike needs electric power along with human power these bikes are a necessity for the betterment of an environment and to conserve natural resources we need to adopt these ideas for an eco-friendly environment.